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Mandi is amazing!


Her extensive knowledge of the body and how it works coupled with her intuitive healing skills, makes her my go - to healer: she gives a massage to remember!


Each time she has worked on me Mandi has completely disappeared or significantly reduced any pain or discomfort that I came in with.


She makes me comfortable, involves me in her process and educates me so that I don't re-injure myself. I highly recommend Mandi.

~ Sheila LeClerc, Vancouver

Mandi Burmas as a superb Massage Therapist.* As a client of various massage therapists* for over twenty years, I am very impressed by Mandi’s knowledge of anatomy. I have a physical condition which can cause chronic pain and she has worked with me in alleviating these issues.


 I would rate her very highly and endorse her services to others.

~ Colette Montez

Mandi Burmas is an extremely talented massage therapist!* She has a  real gift and takes the time to figure out exactly what her client needs. She was a major factor in the rehabilitation of my son who is an Olympic athlete for Canada. She has since worked with other Olympic athletes with great success. Mandi is truly the best massage therapist* our family ever worked with. She is also a fabulous person!

~ Lois Marie Sullivan, North Vancouver

There are plenty of massage therapists* out there, but very few healers. Mandi Burmas is without question a healer in every sense of the word, and I can't recommend her highly enough.


Mandi seems to have a rare combination of skills and gifts that allow her to provide treatment that reaches beyond the physical to someplace deeper. Being a national caliber athlete, I have found that she has an exceptional ability to identify and treat a specific physical ailment like my sore lower back, but then use her other healing skills to go deeper and provide through her Reiki work a much more profound improvement in my condition.


I also find Mandi to be exceptionally client focused. I always feel that she is 100% aware and attuned to her treatments, constantly seeking to provide the best experience for me. Whether for relief of a specific condition or just relaxation and well being, I always feel especially cared for with Mandi. I would highly encourage anyone looking to feel better to spend time with her and find out for them-selves what I discovered. Mandi Burmas is something special.

~ Josh Kerns, Seattle WA

This isn't hyperbole: Mandi Burmas took me from being a 39 year-old, broken down former athlete with two knee braces and chronic sciatica, to being a pain free 40 year-old who can run 25k with no knee braces, body builds 5 days a week, and is pain free for the first time in a decade! 


It didn't take long either! I saw big differences after three sessions, was nearly pain free after a couple of months, and now, after seeing her monthly for a few months more, I'm a completely different person! I used to limp if I ran for five there's no limit! I drove my wife nuts with my leg at night, stretching it in my sleep because the pain was so bad and ever present! I used to ice it for thirty minutes every night and take nine Advil a day to try to deal with the inflammation. 


Here's something I know: if you're in pain, it's not your fault, you suffered a bad break and that happens to all of us eventually. However, if you're still in pain a year from now, even now that you know Mandi Burmas is out there and available to help you, then that's on you! You CAN be better! Just give her a try! She'll change your life! 


PS: if anyone from the Vancouver Canucks reads this, please call Mandi! She can fix up the team and we can finally win the Stanley Cup! :) 


~David Simpson, West Vancouver 

    Best Selling Author, Film Maker 

My experience with Lotus Bodywork & Therapies was a real treat! I felt very comfortable with Mandi and she took every effort to make sure I was happy and looked after. I highly recommend her! A hidden Gem in lovely North Vancouver.


~ Victoria F

Mandi made my experience at Lotus amazing! She was able to transfer her vast knowledge of the human body into speak that I could understand.

She made it so comfortable for me to relax and my back has never felt better! Also, her dog Zeus is the perfect assistant.


~ Crystal Bradstock, Vancouver

Mandi has the magic touch! She has a keen ability to get to the root of your aches and pains and knows exactly how to get the best results. For me, it's all about stress relief and chronic neck and back pain. Mandi always makes me feel Fantastic when I leave. I will definitely return time and time again.


~ T.B, North Vancouver 

The reason I continue to make personal gains and improve my athletic performance is because of Mandi. Her work and energy revitalizes and recharges you to work and train even harder!


You need to make her a part of your life so she can help you achieve your goals.


~ Joan M, Vancouver

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