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What I Offer

1.5 hour Massage

Massage with the style of your choosing. We set a plan together before each visit to make sure you get the results you are looking for.


2 hour Massage

Two hours of blissful massage while you choose your areas of focus while we make the plan together during our visit before we begin.


1.5 hour Hot Stone

Basalt stones are used to massage your body accompanied with your choice of essential oils in a warm water bath. Your treatment will be 90 minutes of still and gliding stones blended with Swedish massage.


1.5 hour Thai Yoga

Thai Yoga Massage blends Massage and Yoga positions into one session.

We work on a 4" mat and move your body through yoga poses.

Compression's with hand, foot, and knee weight to your comfort.


  I suggest loose clothing or yoga gear.


1 hour Massage

You choose the regions  we work by making a plan together during our intake session.


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