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 F A Q's

Is your massage covered by insurance benefits?
No, I do not offer massage coverage that is to be submitted for benefit coverage in Canada. I report to the Washington State Health (DoH WA) not the College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia (CMTBC).
Do you offer direct billing?
Direct Billing is only done by Registered Massage Therapists (RMT). The massage I provide is not covered through government care.  

Do you Offer In-Home Massage?

Sure Do! 

I do ask that we have all the details arranged in advance (parking, entrance direction, etc) and that we settle payment before we start.

Can I book you for a special event?

Yes you can. I have hosted bridal parties, been beach side for volleyball, and at the park for baseball. I've also partnered up for In-Store events, and promoted Wellness in hotels for their employees.


Largest event to date is the 2018 Vancouver Fire Fighters Calendar (2 day Shoot on multiple locations) 

You send along your request and together we will make the perfect paring for your event!

What is your massage like?

The massage I give is firm and blended. Swedish massage is how a massage feels good, using deep tissue techniques are how we work through holding patterns in the tissue and break up adhesion's or "knots".  Blending the two in smooth transitions leaves you, the client, feeling worked, AND relaxed.

Working in deeper layers is, in my experience, where all the "magic" happens. So, let's get in there and get that pain you've been dealing with to take a hike.

 I accept all forms of payment with Square point of sale. Credit Card, Cash, and eTransfer.

Please Call to Book Your Appointment

What forms of payment do you accept?

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